about us

Nowandishan Avizheh Institute has held various training courses in different areas including cognitive science, rehabilitation,psychology, etc with cooperation of Iran University of medical science, Shahid Beheshti University of medical science, university of social welfare and rehabilitation,etc. Some of these courses include

holistic school of cognitive rehabilitation (ADHD, LD, Autism)

holistic school of new technologies in cognitive neuroscience (EEG,Neurofeedback, FMRI, TDCS, QEEG)

holistic school of Neuropsychology (Neuroanatomy and practical anatomy of brain

intelligence and personality tests (Weksler, MMPI, Binet)

Sex consultant and therapist training

.These courses have given this opportunity to Nowandishan Avizheh to train about 4000 people during these years

By now Nowandishan Avizheh is holding various courses with retraining points by cooperation of Iran Neuroscience Association and Iran Medical Training System. In these courses outstanding professors from such different great universities such as Shahid Beheshti university help us to host lots of experts from all around the country

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